Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing Services

E-mails are said to be one of the oldest and most preferred method of communicating with your existing customers, attracting new ones and informing them about your products/services from time to time. E-mail marketing has become an effective initiative that inspires the peoples ad attract them. It is popular among businesses as it is simple, effective and economic as well. But like any other digital marketing strategy, you need an influential campaign for e-mail marketing.

At Waytotraffic, you will get result oriented and proven e-mail marketing services aiming at the success of your business. Our e-mail marketing strategy focus on producing results rather than crowding inbox of end-users. We aim at end-users open the mails and complete call to action. We use high quality content, impressive infographics and promotional offers if you have. We start with customizing your targeted area, understand the preference of your prospects, tell your story and engage them by the mail sent.

Waytotraffic has tried and tested plans that leads to success and results in maximum conversions when opened. Our email marketing services will help your business to reach your defined goals and earning the profit out of it. Our email marketing process follows following steps-

  • Creating personalized, eye-catching and strong subject lines that can increase open rate.
  • Narrowing audiences as per location, interests, industry, conversion history and similar attributes for better outcomes.
  • Testing the aspects of e-mail marketing campaign for variations.
  • Creating impressive images and infographics revolving around your products/services.
  • Setting branding and marketing goals for your product/services.
  • Deliverability of the e-mails

Throughout this process, our team intends to gain more customers and provide you profit with the marketing strategies.

Why our team

We believe in extracting rewarding results. Our email marketing experts start with a pre-planned but customized strategy for each client. You will receive an in-depth audit of email marketing based on your products/services, targeted geographical area and interests of users. As per the result obtained by the audit, you will get a notable plan from our professionals that can be immediately implemented for sending mails. These professionals ensure contact list of genuine users is maintained and mails are sent at the right time.

Our professionals make sure all mails are well-optimized as per the user perspective. They assess each detail; no matter how small it is so that interest of the user is maximized.